I decided to budget my allowance before I even get it in an effort to behave myself and not blow it all.  I’ve loosely based this budget plan off of saccharinebabe because she had an excellent plan to say the least, but it didn’t exactly cover all the bases I needed covered. Though looking back at her plan makes me think I should take that $500 a week for 8 weeks and make it $250 a week for 16 weeks. That will give me an excellent cushion to either A) find a new SD or B) find a suitable decent paying job. I’ve been using an app called google keep to help me keep track of all of my important things (ideas, events, etc.), and it’s extremely convenient it’s also available through the chrome webstore and you access it from your google account. Any note I make on my phone is automatically on my computer. I highly suggest it for all you sugar babes!!

That POT was either a fake or too scared for a sugarbaby/sugardaddy relationship. Because he just backed out. Back to being a cam model it is. Not that I mind. 10k a month just seemed too sweet to be missing out on.

Story time lovebugs! Okay so I was on grindr the other night, and I got a message from some random guy (nothing new), but then he sent another message asking if I would “consider a friends with benefits arrangement that is if you consider money a benefit,” and of course this piqued my interest. I mean what kind of man am I to turn down a money making opportunity? So I of course asked all the usual questions and he said he’d probably do 2.5k-3.5k a month. I know that’s not a bunch compared to what other sugarbabies make, but it’s something. I agreed to meet up with him. So we met up, and got to talking. He promised a lot, and if he follows through on even just have of it I’ll be on cloud 9. He said he could get me a grant through the company he owns to pay for my college, he would take me on trips anywhere I wanted to go, any car I want he would completely pay for, and on top of all of this he raised my monthly allowance to 10k. He could be the one. We’re meeting up again tonight for my birthday (I told him my first allowance would be a great present). Let’s see if he’s the real deal. It’s a shame though just when I think I’m out the bowl pulls me right back in.