That POT was either a fake or too scared for a sugarbaby/sugardaddy relationship. Because he just backed out. Back to being a cam model it is. Not that I mind. 10k a month just seemed too sweet to be missing out on.

Story time lovebugs! Okay so I was on grindr the other night, and I got a message from some random guy (nothing new), but then he sent another message asking if I would “consider a friends with benefits arrangement that is if you consider money a benefit,” and of course this piqued my interest. I mean what kind of man am I to turn down a money making opportunity? So I of course asked all the usual questions and he said he’d probably do 2.5k-3.5k a month. I know that’s not a bunch compared to what other sugarbabies make, but it’s something. I agreed to meet up with him. So we met up, and got to talking. He promised a lot, and if he follows through on even just have of it I’ll be on cloud 9. He said he could get me a grant through the company he owns to pay for my college, he would take me on trips anywhere I wanted to go, any car I want he would completely pay for, and on top of all of this he raised my monthly allowance to 10k. He could be the one. We’re meeting up again tonight for my birthday (I told him my first allowance would be a great present). Let’s see if he’s the real deal. It’s a shame though just when I think I’m out the bowl pulls me right back in.

Hello I'm a new webcam model (very new my first show will be tonight), and I was just curious if there were any tips or advice you could give me. Especially if you have techniques to keep men interested if you're only talking to them over webcam.


I have never done cam or phone work so my advice is limited sorry! I would however recommend a few things.

1. Don’t let your personal views get in the way of making money. Some clients will want to talk you because they’re getting off on you as a whole person. Most clients are getting off on a fantasy - don’t ruin it with your own principles, politics or feelings. Everyone has hard boundaries, I for example, won’t make racist comments or agree with them, though I will ignore them sometimes. I will pretend to be anti gun control or anti social reform, but I won’t tolerate jokes about domestic or animal abuse. This applies much more to fantasies on the cam/phone side of things, you will need to a strong stomach and loose morals to keep a lot of clients.

This is not to say you MUST compromise to make money, but if you’re hoping to be successful and build a client base quickly, it helps.

2. Confidence! You might be playing coy, but confidence is still key. You’re in control, you’re sexy and you’re going to make cash!

3. Beware clients and competitors. Be aware and cautious of manipulation by both. Things that sound to good bec true are, and bitchiness in the community will get you nowhere.

Good luck!

Tbh not enough advice on here for cam workers, but this was on my dash the other day, and it’s pretty great advice.


Anonymous asked: Hey girl! I really admire you for taking the time out of your day to help new SBs. By responding to questions from us newbies really shows what a great person you are. A lot of experienced SBs never take the time to respond to newbies like myself. We’re all in this together and I think it’s great how you’re willing to give advice. I have went on one sugar date so far and I get my first allowance next meet up. Is it inappropriate on your second date to ask him to take me to Bloomingdales?

Thank you! I’m always happy to help, even though I may be a bit slow in responding.

Not inappropriate, but a little subtlety goes a very long way. Ask to meet him for lunch and afternoon drinks at a really nice shopping mall. At the end of the meal, ask him if he’d like to walk around and then you can go shopping. Good luck!

My first week of being a cam model is going great there is a lot that I’ve learned that is also true for sugar babies the most prominent being:

  • It’s all about the money, but you have to make them think you’re just in it to have fun (or find love). 
  • Don’t get discouraged just because one person doesn’t want what you’re offering doesn’t mean the next won’t say yes
  • Your time is valuable. DO NOT accept less than you truly believe you’re worth.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum if you price yourself highly you are going to have to put in more work to find somebody willing to pay.
  • The right pictures on your profile can change EVERYTHING. Being a cam model you’re going to need a profile picture that’s sexy and seductive. As a sugar baby you’re going to need something classy, but also seductive if you really want to get an SD worth your time.
  • Flirting is key! Now there are all sorts of techniques to use when you meet in person, such as contact (LOTS of touching), but I highly suggest looking for tips to flirt through text. Since most often you’re going to be talking to your POTs online, or through text messaging you aren’t going to be able to really touch them. As a cam model everything is going to be done online so tips for flirting through text are crucial for us if we want to make money.

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