Tired of seeing the word “connection.”


You are on a SD site.
But you out here looking for love & marriage.
Be real with yourself.

Aspiring Sugar Baby Worry


The part that kinda makes me worried about becoming an SD is not the sex , its the mental stuff.

I know that these wealthy men can sexist, racist, etc. and I will have to sit there and listen to it , and nod. 

How do you guys deal with it

At the end of the day you’re the one walking away with their money. That’s how I like to think about it.

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shit...i hoped you offer me some free blow job!


"If you’re good at something, never do it for free."

Finally going to contribute to the community, or at least the beginners. Somebody recently asked me for advice on becoming a sugar baby, and I thought I would share it with all of you!

First thing’s first: Don’t settle for just any sugar daddy. Have a set price that you refuse to go below. Mine personally is 3k/month (you can do pay for play i just prefer a monthly allowance). Three thousand will allow you to comfortably live in most places while still being able to save up for major things such as cars, houses, or tuition. That brings us to part two saving up. Having an SD isn’t like having a job he’s not going to give you a two week notice before he drops you so it’s wise time think ahead. I reblogged a post made by another SB awhile back she suggested splitting up your allowance like this: Pay all your bills first then take 8 envelopes place $125 dollars in each one that will be your weekly spending money for things like dining out or whatever pops up during the week. If a SD drops you that will give you a 2 month cushion to find a new source of income. Give yourself $300-500 monthly spending money for extra things such as cute clothes or whatever floats your boat. Take whatever is left of your allowance and put it in a savings account for major purchases. Whatever you don’t spend of your monthly and weekly spending money divide back up into the 8 envelopes so you can have a little extra or you can even add additional envelopes to last you longer if an SD drops you. Now as far as actually getting a sugar daddy goes I suggest the website seekingarrangement.com The best way to go about landing a sugar daddy is to read their profile, and play the part of who they’re looking for. Say they’re looking for somebody adventurous and fun you keep the conversation positive and maybe talk about how you always wanted to something wild like skydiving or swimming with the sharks. You need to make yourself seem like you’re just what they’re looking for, and as a cardinal rule stay drama free and keep the personal life personal.

Good luck!!!
Also to the SB that made the post about the envelopes I’m sorry I didn’t mention you properly I couldn’t remember your url. Thank you so much for your advice though!

There is no group of people dumber than gay men. All these boys just think with their dicks. The gay sugar daddies are all looking for “straight acting frat boy for ltr”, and it’s so stupid because they think that just because they offer insane amounts of cash that some straight guy is going to become gay and be happy with it. You would think being doctors, CEOs, and lawyers that they would be a little smarter and see the giant gaping hole in their plan which is that NONE OF THOSE BOYS WILL EVER LOVE THEM. You might luck out and get some broke straight college boy to “date” you until he graduates, but you have to be next level dumb to think he’s ever going to stay with you.

Sorry about this super long rant.



Helpful tips/ tricks that i’ve been researching. 

I’m looking into being a sugar while im in college, but i want to make sure i know EVERYTHING i can about the lifestyle before i go out there and do it. This is a list of the blogs/posts I’ve been reading through that i think are helpful to me. 

It’s a long list. D:

(dont worry, all these links will open in a new tab.)

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Internet safety

Sex work resources 

For an SB who didnt go to college or is out of college or even one who is in college. AKA: the hustlers MBA (I love this.)

How to appear rich (This is extremely helpful.)

Sugar survival kit

Dont sell yourself short, hunty.

You’re not ready if:

SB hacks

VS model makeup


A note on sexual protection

Free styling guide

What makes a good SB

Think about this before you accept your allowance offer.


Got lowballed?

The sugar BAYBE mentality 

Allowance talk

Closet classics (buy these before you buy those hot pink 6 inch red bottoms)

*another really good research masterpost* 

100 ways to be elegant~

Help on a first meeting.

Creating the perfect profile

What to do with your allowance.

Terms you should know.

Sugar Commandments

The psychology of persuasion 

Invest in yo’self

Important things to notice on dates

More tips on budgeting

A note on social media safety (IMPORTANT)

Getting ready for a date tips (makeup, hair, etc.)

Thats all i have for now, Ill add a few more in a few hours. Hope this helps anyone! Cheers!